Welcome to Cryptonites

The no BS blockchain show, build with the community for the community

The team at Dogandbird.io have been working hard with show creator and host (and the head of communications at Swissborg) Alex Fazel to create Cryptonites!

"The no BS Blockchain Channel" entirely built with and for the crypto community.

This channel is dedicated to society as a whole, existing and new community members and future generations as we scale this technology to mass adoption. "Mass education proceeds mass adoption".


Cryptonties is interviewing the top people in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space to both educate and entertain you with great personalities and information.

The first season of Cryptonites is released every Wednesday from 22nd May 2019

Check out the latest episode here:

Our 6 Golden promises to the community


1. All shows will avoid over-marketing, FOMO’ing, Shilling tokens and releasing other types of toxic content.

2. All shows will be backed up by research, data, and facts to minimise having an excess of biased opinions and views.

3. All shows will prioritize inspiring experts over marketers.

4. All shows will have a certain level of bias as we are pro-blockchain but will also include conflicting views and facts.

5. All shows will use the community both offline and online to select theme, speakers, topics, and questions.

6. All shows will focus on 90% value added and only 10% of promotional content.

Hosted and Creater - Alex Fazel
Director - Liam Turner
Producer - Tom Mckerrow
Camera Operator/Editor - Loz Morgan
Visual Effects Artist - Philip Wiseman
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